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Before a decade had passed, a city of billowing white hospital tents transformed the scene and the grand hotel Trianon was a military hospital. Wandering round the few cliff top stones which remain of the hospital site, I was oppressed with a profound sense of claustrophobia and tension. Chilling. (Card from my collection, posted 1913)

And then this. (My card, below.)

On examining the card and the women’s headdresses, Sue Light, www.scarletfinders.co.uk.,  suggests that this is the funeral of a nurse. She says that the only nurse buried in this cemetery is Margaret Arnold, daughter of publisher Edward Arnold. Miss Arnold died on 12th March 1916, and as her father was a prominent figure, the funeral was posponed to allow him to attend with another daughter.

The war diary says, “The funeral was a very large one, the service most impressive, part of the service in the Mortuary, the remainder at the graveside.  Most beautiful flowers – a profusion.  The father and daughter, very charming, heartbroken, and spoke of the great kindness and sympathy shown by everyone.”

I’m indebted to Sue for her insights and for the references from the war diary. Thanks, Sue. I recommend her website and blogs for a most interesting read!

Edit: I visited Margaret’s grave in March 2012.

Margaret Arnold's headstone le Tréport


Le Tréport Military cemetery 2

This card showing the cemetery and le Trianon was posted in 1932: